Company Profile

Message from the Director

  • May 2015
    Lika Nakanishi, Representative Director
    Al Connection Products, Inc.

    We’re truly grateful for the mountains of support, encouragement, good will, and cooperation that we have received over the 23 years we have been doing business.
    And September of this year will mark our 19th period since becoming incorporated.
    It is the relationships with companies that are too incredible to put into words and the many wonderful individuals we have had the honor of knowing that has allowed us to do business for so long.

The “Al” in our company name stands for “alle,” which means “everything” in German, and “Connection” refers to relationships.
We chose that name to reflect our passion for being devoted to “all relationships.”

There is a Japanese saying that goes, “enduring generates strength.” And just like that saying, we are so happy that everyone’s input has allowed us to continue being a part of society.
We will continue to work hard with gratitude and respect in our hearts towards all of the people we have had relationships with in the past and everyone we will meet in the future to repay everyone for their kindness.

It is our goal to engage in healthy company management that consistently rises to challenges and dives into innovation. In this endeavor, we use “gathering,” “communicating,” “linking,” and “fulfilling” dreams as our keywords. Moreover, providing services that contribute to the world and continuing to be a company that has captured the hearts of our customers is our greatest joy in this management process.

In order to continually receive enthusiastic feedback from our customers that our participation helped them succeed in their projects, we consistently rethink and streamline even the most commonplace of tasks and devote ourselves to helping all of our customers expand under the philosophy of, “tomorrow will be even more successful than yesterday, and the day after that will be even better.”
It’s just like a restaurant owner feeling the happiest when a customer says, “this is delicious,” or an architectural design office being overjoyed to hear a customer report that, “this is easy to use.”

What’s more, our business isn’t bound to any specific “goal” limitations.
Every day is a fresh start.
Regarding our obligation towards an aging society with a falling birth rate, we feel that our mission is to constantly search out new potential and contribute to society with the spirit of rising to all new challenges.
Without something important to protect, humans become apathetic, unmotivated, and vulnerable.
When people have the strength to protect something important, they are able to use their brain power passionately and live life full of courage.

Using IT technology and information effectively, we strive daily to achieve a better future by providing the best and most universal services.


Company Name:
Al Connection Products, Inc.
September 1, 1991
February 26, 1996
10,000,000 yen
Representative Director:
Financial institutions:
The Kamimachi Branch and Aoyama Branch of UFJ Bank Limited and the Kamimachi Branch of the Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
2-3-21 8F Kawayamachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka City 542-0066, Japan

Business Lines

- Franchise Solution Division -

  • Media management for overseas (Franchise Japan)
  • Human resource placement support for franchiser (Global Partners)
  • Consulting for franchiser & franchisee
  • Setup support & training for franchiser
  • Overseas expansion support for franchiser


- WEB Related Division -

  • Shopping website planning, design, operation, and support
  • Mobile/website planning, design, operation, and support
  • Internet video design, operation, and support
  • Customer development support and direct mail sending and related services
  • Internet advertisement management, website analysis support, and tool sales


- Corporate group -

* Al Connection Products, Inc. is a Google Certified Partner and certified Jimdo Expert

Memberships & Titles


Sep. 1991
Launched Planning Office and Key West.
Nov. 1992
Started event production services and survey services.
Mar. 1996
Started website related planning, design, and operation services.
Aug. 2004
Started EC mobile telephone website planning, design, and operation related services.
Jun. 2011
Lika Nakanishi became a director of ” Manpower Development Support Organization” and promoted “Franchise Consultant Manpower Development” as a part of qualification business of the organization. Launched a study session as “Franchise Station” with support by franchise consultant.
Recruited study session members from professional occupation persons.
Planed and promoted “Franchise Adviser Training Course” which was preparing step for becoming franchise consultant.
Nov. 2011
Started Web Strategy “Ru” Series services.
Jul. 2012
Established “Franchise Station Co., Ltd.”. Lika Nakanish became a director of the company.
Nov. 2012 ~ Nov. 2014
Hosted totally 5 Franchise Adviser Training Courses.
Apr. 2015
Resumed franchise consultant activity as “franchise solution division” of Al Connection Products, Inc.
Aug. 2015
Set up “Franchise Solution Division” (transfered FC business from Franchise Station Co., LTD)
Oct. 2015
Established “Global Partners Inc.” (job placement company) as a group corporation
Feb. 2016
Privacy Mark (6th renewal approved)